Aura: Your Dynamic Energy Field


The Aura or human electro-magnetic field is constantly in motion, an attractant and repellant at the same time. Illness is detectable in the aura and personality traits are easily read by most, even without a conscious knowledge of doing so.

How often have you experienced an instant like or dislike, had a bad feeling or just knew you needed ot be somewhere. These are indications that you are reading the energy around you, the interpretation is based on your past experiences and current expectations. Those who are intuitive can sense your field, your mood, and your general demeanor way before they know, or speak to you. Fabulous huh.

Those who have practiced interpreting auric energies can take this much further; reading the aura is, ironically, requested by the person you are reading. Associated pictures, names, feelings, events and emotions are presented for interpretation. If I wish to know anything about an individual it is the aura I go to first, this is YOU. No matter what the events in your life or the ones coming up, it is your responses that determine your experiences. Your response is dictated by your beliefs, emotions, past experiences and current desires, the energy you emit will not reflect rationalizations or denials but your inner voice.

The colours of the Aura are really visual representations of a single, or group of frequencies, these are represented as patterns of visual and non visual color. Your base aura (closest to your body and interacting through your body) represents your basic personality, this is without influence or experience and remains constant throughout your life changing very little.

Your emotional layer overlays, and influences the color qualities of the base layer changing how you see things and showing how your life experiences have affected you by creating readable patterns. In truth these are not really layers but they are obvious and like a layering mask will be easier to see than the more subtle and less showy personality. The words ‘I see your true colours”, usually refers to seeing what is superficially present and then getting know know the underlying energy or personality.

Your mental layer, interacts with the emotional layer and determines how you respond to things, on a more thoughtful. slower and rational level.  this can also present itself in patterns or color combinations that are readable but always subtle, they are easier to see further from the body, but as a cellular emission all your aura is a bit chaotic moving freely and without restriction from the body. the less sine wave a colour frequency has the more discerning a reader needs to be to pick it up amidst the louder and more obvious energy.

Your Astral energy is very fine and determines your deeper reasoning which can easily conflict with the feelings you gain through experiencing life, but can also encourage a deeper meaning of life or an enlightened response, modified behaviours etc. This is where one would go to find the hidden agenda or deep rooted patterns affecting your life. It is mostly within the body and extending to far beyond therefore can difficult to discern.  It is that nagging energy that lets you know you are not living who you are.

There are more complexities but these are the one’s most commonly worked with when reading and diagnosing the Aura for mental or physical health reasons.

You would want an Aura Reading when you feel that life is just not going the way you would like, you are creating relationships that are never right for you, when you are dissatisfied with your behaviours in general, plagued by ill health and when seeking greater levels of satisfaction in life, on a path of self development or any situation where you need a deeper level of self awareness to create changes and alter your future.

A bad relationship can either, make you defensive and fearful of relationships, or teach you to be more discerning in your choice of partner. All challenges leave you with an option of determining your contributing factor to that situation or event, when looked at honestly you are highly unlikely to make that particular mistake or choice again. it is this energy that slowly over time alters how we present ourselves almost dictating the ongoing life experiences we have.To change your life you simply need to change your mind, the aura is one of the quickest most effective ways to isolate deep and sometimes unrecognized issues gaining you insights into how to change those things you need to.

Many clients have come to me after trying to change who they are, distraught and worn out, you can not change who you are, so accept who you are and seek instead to balance those aspects of your personality that detract from who you wish to be.


aura diagnosis

aura in motion

The imagery of my CGI aura diagnosis offers a huge amount of detail depending on the depth of reading you would like. readings can be done for animals and pets, couples or relationship dynamics, health and future projection

The possibilities and accuracy of aura readings for relationships, changes into the future and how you are influenced by events is mind boggling. Health readings and information that allows you to see what corrections you may need to make or which skills and talents you need to employ to get the results you want from the future. Manifesting well is always a huge curiosity for many, often there is a tendency to think you don’t manifest well, when in fact you do, what you manifest is rooted in what you believe you can have an who you believe you are.

Your personality is something you are born with and something that you should never want to change, it is the very definition of who you are. Character is something you build over life and the majority see a lack of character as a failing in learning from experience, courage to follow convictions or to walk your talk. It is character we see in others to determine whether they are a good person, it is personality that we look at for compatibility. For the purpose of aura reading I am looking at a combination of factors depending on the information required. Always an interesting exercise there is no doubt in my mind, nothing i have ever seen is as beautiful as looking at someones

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