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Personal & Spiritual development can be a very personal growth area and as such learning is accelerated by a continued series that can target/heal  specific issues and trauma before moving on to creationist abilities, being present and altering the future. All of my developmental programs are a combination of Trance Therapies, Cognitive clarification and Energy Work. Get in touch to ask about what might get you where you want to be by encouraging you to discover who you are, rather than be who you were taught to be.

~ Dorothy Holder  Dip.CHyp

Self Actualization: 

This program is targeting an expanded awareness of now, introducing a conscious ability to live in the moment while unconsciously making choices that will have a positive affect on your future. This amazing course has seen students making decisions that had major and positive consequences a few months or longer down the track. I say students because everyone who has engaged in a program is learning to heal their lives, and to step into a sweeter space of experience.

After completing the program Mz A. had an incredible urge to join emergency services, she undertook training and found upon completion that there was no place for her in the volunteer organization and wondered why she had been so sure it was something she needed to do. 3 months after completing the St Johns Ambulance volunteers, 5 months after completing the Actualization program, her husband had a heart incident, she was perfectly placed to help him and make life saving choices over the next few hours and then days. Also as a qualified Vibrational Expansion Therapist, she moved quickly to provide energy assistance to keep him calm. The following doctor’s visit revealed an incredibly high blood pressure, and an undefined incident. there is no doubt in her or her husbands mind, she took the steps to ensure minimal effects.

Mz J, had ongoing anxiety issues caused mainly by a total lack of confidence, she had also had cancerous growths which had been removed, but had been told they will likely return, possibly in other parts of her body. She undertook the program to just feel better about her self and her life, but also she was determined to release from her mothers abusive style of upbringing. The first thing she noticed was not being distressed by her mothers dismissive and critical attitude, and then upon being involved in a road accident, she noticed that she just dealt with the situation where previously she would have been in a state of panic and called the police. She felt she wasn’t trying to please everyone all the time and went on to create a business to provide for her and her son. She reported after 2 years that she had never felt so in charge of herself and her life, things just didn’t get to her.  check out Gabriela’s Testimonial click here and go to page 4.

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DNA Reprogramming:

Five steps to undoing past teaching, this is less about bad experiences than it is about poor role models, guidance and your own past behaviours. Cutting something off at its origin will always have perfect results, technically it is known as elimination. The biggest challenge with DNA Reprogramming is you never know what the result will be, it is addressing cellular memory, cellular abbreviations and cellular expectation. As a result, what you think is happening may in fact be something deeper and therefore harder to access, when it comes to cellular memory you will find this is the culprit that sits under everything else leaving you with no explanation or origin from conscious memory. I love this program because it cuts to the chase, it isn’t about spiritual development but about your ability to be you.

Most people who struggle through life emotionally and mentally have, in fact, been taught something about themselves from such an early age that they automatically believe that, even being wanted or not feeling wanted can be the result of parental attitudes during pregnancy, sudden angers can be a result of an angry mother or father while you were still in the womb reinforced by their behaviours later. This leads you to see this as normal and interpret the world in the same way, only to find that this isn’t you, it doesn’t even feel like you and you will often try many things all to know avail in an attempt to get rid of it. Cognitive therapies are often described as offering great tools of self management but the problem still persists becoming a life long battle between the real you, and the DNA instructions you were given while developing.

As your Stem Cell was equipped with your parents experience of living, it is also equipped with your grandparents (all four of them), this acts as layers that override or control natural instinct. This is an Hypnosis only based therapy as I recognize that when something is that deep, you need a specific altered state to access and address it. As the world changes the survival issues of our grandparents are not the survival issues of the present day and as such are largely irrelevant. Basic areas of our existence are altered by their experience, for example if they lived with food restrictions it is likely that you will have problems controlling your food intake, their lives may have been at stake, but yours is not.

This area of being is called Epigenetics, this represents the very thing that allows us to adapt to our world. Your basic stem cell originally has everything you need to be human, encoded well and truly are your ability to learn, to walk, talk, hold things and use your body. Your brain has the capacity to take a concept and break it down to a point of detail that allows you to replicate natural phenomenon. That is to say, all mans inventions are a parody of nature herself.

There have now been many studies into Epigenetics, the wonderful thing is they offer the clue to issues and as is always the case, the cure is in the cause.

“However, events like the Dutch famine of World War II have compelled scientists to take a fresh look at acquired inheritance,” said study leader Oliver Hobert, PhD, professor of biochemistry and molecular biophysics and a Howard Hughes Medical Institute Investigator at CUMC. Starving women who gave birth during the famine had children who were unusually susceptible to obesity and other metabolic disorders, as were their grandchildren.

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