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Crystals have long held a fascination for many people; it is a mistaken belief that a crystal without some level of intention from the user can change your energy. I can feel crystals and their frequencies, but that doesn’t mean they are changing anything in my field, there is a process to engage a frequency which means you deliberately allow the alteration.

The reason this is so, is that you are far louder than the average crystal, if you go into a room with a large number of crystals, or a very large crystal, you are still more variable so any changes that may take place are a response to a belief or desire to alter your frequency for a time. In all my years practicing energy therapy, I have never seen any changes made without deliberate intent outside of energy therapy.

Getting to know your crystal: hold your crystal in your hand, (either hand is fine but the non-dominant hand tends to be popular for no good reason), allow yourself to relax and let your attention flow to your heart centre, breath in a rhythmic cycle and imagine your heart energy flowing into your shoulders and down your arm to the hand holding the crystal, allow this flow from your heart to the crystal to continue.

Imagine your crystal in your hand, growing larger and larger, until it completely fills your mind’s eye. Relax and let any thoughts, feelings, information, colour, vibrations to just flow

over you. Just rest with it for a time and then allow your attention to come back to the crystal in your hand. Bring your focus back into your environment. Do this exercise the first time you wish to use any crystal to change your personal energy field, after that first time it is not necessary to repeat for that same crystal. Once you have a relationship or can tune to the new frequencies, you can also incorporate all of that crystal energy from the earth, that is to say, there is a whole lot more crystalline structure in the earth than you can fit in your hand, home or even region, so using your crystal as a stepping stone to that earth frequency works very well.



Clear Quartz: clarity of thought defining energy, chaos, cleansing

Amethyst: comprehension, acceptance, spiritual connection

Rose Quartz: softening hard energy, relieve anxiety, relaxation, mood lifter

Chrysoprase: expression, communication, right use of speech

Kyanite: soul connections, connect with the past, healing into the past

Ruby: life force energy, power, healing the body

Moldavite: transforming, growth, change

Malachite: appropriate use of will, willpower, mastery of self

Topaz, yellow /brown is the only true topaz: intention, considered actions

Phenacite: initiate a new experience, Conceptual understanding, guidance

Cuprite: feelings, intuition, inner knowing, feminine power

Aquamarine: emotional release, fear, motivation of stagnant energy

Peacock stone (chalcopyrite): action in any area, exploration, reinforce any area

Amber: encourages creativity, helps accept change while acknowledging the past

Larimar: nurturing, restorative, relaxing

Pyrite: action, strength, commitment, decisions, discernment

Lepidolite: acceptance of self, others, situations and the past

Rodocrosite: inner child healing, remembering emotional trauma

Kunzite: gratitude, enjoyment of day to day life, appreciation of others and self

Iolite: inner vision, spiritual vision

Azurite: insight, inner vision, past vision, future vision

Rhodonite: recognizing one’s own abilities and talents

Lapis lazuli: self-knowledge, self-aware

Pink Tourmaline: inner peace, calm, realization

Amazonite: personal truth, integrity, honest speech

Turquoise: past lives, history, past understanding

Carnelian: leadership, group awareness

When selecting a crystal for a spell or to empower a talisman try to choose something that enhances the whole. If you think of a talisman or spell as a composite that you are creating from different elements, you would want this to be in balance to reflect the goal.

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