Feedback is always appreciated, thanks for taking the time to pop in a comment.

Thanks for always being there fior me Dorothy your wisdom and professional teachings are oriceless !!

Julie Goodall

The insights I have gotten so far have been amazing! Dorothy is one of few people I trust to let me know whats going on in my life if ever need guidance or are unsure about something. She is very kind and her services are super accurate and greatly appreciated!! xx

Skyi Grissom

Dorothy is amazing hypnotherapist, ….really helped with lots of things like reducing certain foods etc .I would definitely recommend her for anything .Very difficult habits go in a second am glad I had the chance to experience it xx


Dorothy Holder is an amazingly accomplished energy worker, and truly has proven to be an invaluable resource to my spiritual growth. It is great to find a woman with experience & integrity to learn from, and to gain healing from. Dorothy is also an excellent psychic and aura reader- And so reasonable with her rates. Thank you Dorothy, you are the queen of brilliant energy!

Corrine De Winter

Hi Dorothy! I received a trying to conceive reading from you and wanted to let you know you were off 1 month which isn’t bad. I got pregnant near the end of July. Thanks for the reading and have a blessed day! Here’s a copy of your reading to me I see a bit of time around this, I am not sure if this is availability or if your timing is off, but perhaps around the 6 month mark (June) you will find yourself with child.


I have used Dorthy services for a few years now. I find her insight, help, and guidance extremely helpful. She always gives her insight into any subject with compassion and optimism. I find that safe and reassuring considering some questions are sensitive to me. Thank you!

Sean Parries

In 2006 I joined Dorothy at Energy Therapies to learn the Vibrational Expansion Technique. This came about after experiencing the Technique for myself I was so impressed with the positive changes that were unfolding in my own life At the time of joining the course I was already an Energy Therapist starting out my practice but I felt I needed to gain confidence in the practical delivery of my findings to clients in a manner that they could relate to and understand. The Practitioners course turned out to be one of the best decisions I could have made. The course was so comprehensive, we learnt in a small group environment which enabled us to have one on one individualised support and assessment. Dorothy would be one of the most switched on people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting, her knowledge is mind blowing and she is a great teacher who provides a stimulating and fun environment to learn in. Warning this course will change your life! My own healing processes where activated during this course which unfolded into an amazing journey clearing a path for my true life path to begin. I was thrilled when my practice began to flourish as my Aura Reading & Chakra Analysis techniques improved I was able to offer my clients a more comprehensive information with practical solutions which yielded results.I would highly recommend this course, it exceeded my expectations and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Love & Light

Estelle Marks

Dear Dorothy, Your 360 Program has made a marked improve in my life. I can honestly say I am healed of the grief & pain I was holding in my mind and body. My only regret is that I didn’t know you sooner! Lots of Love, Maria


Hello my name is Mitch Rae. This is a piece to let anyone wondering, the talent that Dorothy possesses with her work. I am 24 years old, Qualified Personal trainer, fit, Determined and driven to succeed in whatever my goals may be. Since I was an early teenager Martial arts was the centre of my life where training nights were two times a week. But in my world that was just the club training (Xtreme martial arts academy) I would start my day at 6 am with a 5 km run, and then around Midday it would be time to go to the gym working on muscle strength and power, later in the evening if it was not a Club training night, I would shoot to the local park for some Anaerobic training primarily different forms of sprints. I ate like a horse and slept like a baby. And also had great results for a long time I was the fittest person I knew and also the fastest. When I went to university for my Personal Training study, I was educated in new ways to push my body and reap new rewards/levels of fitness which undoubtedly was put into action ASAP. I was training harder than ever and my body felt excellent, which was great because I had a Black Belt Grading approaching, which consists of two 8 days of vigorous testing. Unfortunately I was stopped in my tracks one day about 4 weeks out from my grading. Due to the high amount of over training I was undertaking I managed to rip the tendons in both of my feet which resulted in collapsed arches. This put me on crutches for 4-5 weeks and then followed a very frustrating healing process. After ditching the crutches I could walk normally without any excess load on my feet, so this meant no running, jumping, kicking or weight lifting. Obviously I wanted this fixed ASAP to carry on with my goals as I had already missed my Black Belt Grading. The first remedy that was prescribed to me was anti inflammatory medication combined with Physiotherapy. This had no effect what so ever and came to the point where I just did not show up anymore. My Doctor then referred me to a Podiatrist which fitted my shoes with a specially melded Orthotic which essentially supports the arch to promote healing this definitely helped as I noticed a difference when I didn’t use my orthotics however it did not even come close to resolving the problem it served more as a pain relief during the day as I was on my feet. 18 months had past and I was in no better condition than the day I got off my crutches, my fitness was atrocious and I had another Black Belt grading that I could attend if I felt I could pass. I went to my Doc asking if there is anything else I could try, he suggested I could try Cortisone injections in the affected areas of my feet, to which I quickly agreed, four injections later in each foot, and two days of general recovery after and my feet had a sense of numbness to them, which is all I cared about and started to train my ass off for my grading. The cortisone starting wearing off leading up to my grading, it was enough to get me through the grading but shy of the Pass result I was shooting for. During this times Dorothy had been training with me at my Tae Kwon Do club and had a general idea of what was going on. One evening after training she offered me an opportunity to come see her at her business and see what she could do for my Feet, at this stage I was very over the whole issue and was almost in a state of accepting that this is what I had to deal with. However I went along, and Dorothy had me lie down while she examined my feet, she then told me what she intended to do and how it was going to heal my feet using her energy talents. So I was lying on my back, Dorothy at the foot of the table with her hands on my feet, and we had some general chit chat going, then I noticed how hot her hands had become it was quite unbelievable, she then walked up the side of the table to work on a higher point of my leg and a pins and needles sensation followed her hand and my leg, Dorothy seemed to know the whole time what was going on and proceeded to laugh at me, I guess I deserved it because I thought to myself how can we as humans live in our body for so many years and not realise the potential we have to use as Dorothy has? it was a weird feeling because in a sense I thought I Knew a lot when it came to the body but it was apparent that my knowledge stopped purely on a physiological level. Anyway at the end of my first session Dorothy informed me that my feet will in fact feel worse tomorrow! Due to the new energy flow through my feet which she had channelled and my feet were obviously not accustomed to. And she was right. The nest day my feet were quite sore even when sitting down! But 2 days later that disappeared, and this is when the real healing began to start. I saw Dorothy twice a week all sessions roughly 60 minutes where all it consisted of was me lying on a table and Dorothy standing at my feet feeding me energy. Week by week I felt my feet improving which at first I was reluctant to believe as they had been injured for so long. Then after one session Dorothy told me I am free to start running again! This was music to my ears, and as soon as I got home my running shoes were on and I was out the door, unfortunately The saying is true “our fitness does not rise to the level of our expectations, but falls to the level of our training” and I was soon out of breath and nowhere near the distance had I envisioned running. However my feet were supporting my actions and I was very impressed. Dorothy then cut our sessions to one time a week, and taught me an energy flow exercise I could perform myself, whenever I felt my feet were tweaking on me, I did this at night before I went to sleep, in my mind it was like a failsafe, to make sure my feet were in a stable condition for the next day. After three months of seeing Dorothy my Feet were healed no more orthotics, no more Cortisone or Physiotherapy. Dorothy managed to heal my feet in three months, where health professionals had failed for 18 months. And to this day I hold Dorothy in high regard, and have all the time in the world for her, as this was a desperate time in my life. As you can tell, Fitness is who I am, and two years ago that was taken away from me, which Dorothy rectified. Not to mention the hours of sound advice she has up for offer while she has you on her healing bed J . The best part of this journey was Dorothy offered her services to me, that means she went out of her way to ask me if I wanted to be healed, that makes a big difference, and sets Dorothy out from the “pack”. To anyone that has “Tried Everything” you haven’t. Dorothy is completely honest and will tell you exactly what she can do for you.

Mitch Rae

I have recently completed the DNA Reprogramming and Self Actualization Hypnosis programs with Dorothy. The work you will do in these programs is extensive and absolutely illuminating and plainly life changing. Dorothy has such a deep understanding of the science research in these areas that will help you clearly understand why your DNA plays such an important role in your growth and development. Her hypnosis sessions will help you “see” the world from a completely different perspective thorough careful and artful choice of imagery throughout the hypnosis sessions. The guidance she offers will give you a deeper understanding of yourself not only as information but as a tool to thrive and excel. Dorothy adds her innate gifts as an energy therapist to the mix to make the sessions memorable as well as healing. The results are outstanding! Through this program you are travelling from the very depths of you as an organism, even before conception, to gain conscious understanding of the very purpose of your existence. After years of suffering from debilitating panic attacks, depression, fear and anxiety I am now in a place of happiness where joy means truly understanding my place in the world to the full extent of my potential. Dorothy is an incredible teacher and mentor. She is generous, kind and understanding with a great strength of vision and an outpouring of generosity of her gifts. Working with Dorothy is the most important investment you can make on yourself. I highly recommend you start this program or any of the programs she is offering NOW! It will be the best decision you will have ever made. Please contact me for any further references gabinesaguero@gmail.com

Gabriela Aguero

Dorothy is an extraordinary person. Without judgment or agenda, she quickly gets to the meat of things…tells you the what of it all. She is easily one of the most helpful and knowledgeable healers I have ever known. Thank you, Dorothy for your aurasomeness, you truly are a gem. <3

Jenny "Satori" Davis

Fantastic as always loved my reading and energy healing Thank you ?

Capryce Hick

I had a great reading with Dorothy.Very detailed and with great advice.She really zoomed in on things that were going on in my life and potential things to come.Thank you Dorothy.

Bryn Durham

You are always honest and on point. Your answers are quick efficient and accurate.

Lindokuhle Linda

It is always so important to be able to listen attentively to what Dorothy has to say and if she wrote something make sure you read it at least twice. Her insights will help you understand how to view an issue with fresh eyes. I am so thankful for her wisdom and insights and for the doors she’s helped me open. I highly recommend her as a psychic an hypnotherapist and a life coach.

Gabriela Aguero

I have been working with Dorothy for a few years now. I have Multiple Sclerosis a chronic neurological and degenerative disease. She’s the only one who managed to help me with my physical pain and immense fatigue. Try the DNA restructuring, highly recommended AND life-changing. I was doubtful at first but she has proven to be right and way better than medical doctors, which is saying A LOT. Trust in the energy work!!


July 17

To Dorothy
In March 2017 I thought I would try one of the trance therapy body talk program that Dorothy had on offer. This is a ten week session. My main reasons for trying this program was to get rid of anxiety, help heal a back problem and to clear any passed baggage I had not dealt with before as I had done big programs before and notice great gains.
It has been a couple of months since I have finished the program. The most insignificant change is, I’m finding I am enjoying life a whole lot more, laughing a lot more and I am not so serious about life. I have my fun side back. My Anger has gone and I accept things a lot better than before, I am a lot calmer on the inside. My confidence and self-esteem has increased and as a result I am putting myself out there more. I don’t feel ashamed of myself of who I am or what I have done. I have found an increased in energy levels which helps me cope with challenges and stress better. My intuitive and healing abilities have got stronger. These are a few of the changes I have noticed since doing Dorothy’s body talk program. You sure are the best at what you do and give 100% support to your clients.
Thanks Dorothy


Andrea Mills

hello Dorothy , I just had to tell you that when we chatted you said i will soon be getting a job and you saw pipes.

well I interviewed and got hired. It was actually part of a program that trains medical assistants. I was accepted by the school in august but decided not to do it. They called me yesterday because they need administrative help. the offices are in an old building . I look up and all the pipes in the ceiling are exposed everywhere!!!!1

You did the same when we were first chatting. The man with the Huge Blue eyes that lived on a bus path !!!! just awesome

sandy baxell

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