Echo Cards in Tarot


An echo card is one that keeps popping up in readings and card draws, sometimes driving you nuts with its regular appearances. I call them echo cards because your life energy is bouncing back at you, trying to catch your attention. Echo cards usually accompany some sort of lesson or offers information that you need to understand to be able to learn from it and move on or forward. They are without a doubt a sign that you are missing something vital to your emotional, spiritual, physical or mental well-being.

We have what I describe as ‘calling of the higher mind’. This is the part of yourself that knows exactly what is causing problems or blocks to the things you need for yourself. Often over time the echo card loses context and becomes difficult to interpret depending on the nature of the layout and question. Even readers will interpret this card differently as they are unaware that it keeps turning up like a bad penny. Here is a method for shifting the energy and receiving the intended message as your higher self wants you to.


  • Shuffle your deck or mix up your divination tool of choice. How many times and however long is completely up to you.
  • Turn your deck over, fan the cards and find your echo card.
  • The card to the left of your echo card is position one.
  • The card to the right of your echo card is position two.


Position 1: this is the reason that this card keeps showing up in readings and draws. Take the time to really understand this card. Please note you can ask a professional to do this type of layout for you to get objectivity. In essence the Echo card becomes a significator representing personal energy. It is never a card of external influences but is likely to address a behaviour you have, i.e. not paying bills, not telling the truth, not communicating, spending too much and so on.

Position 2: This is what you need to do, no denials or eye rolling please. You don’t have to do what this card instructs, but you do need to acknowledge your role in creating cycles for yourself. Usually it is denial and refusal that keeps a pattern going, sometimes for years, but without doubt somewhere within your consciousness, you do know what could change everything. Everyone has heard the saying, “only a madman expects different results while doing the same old thing.

If the echo card comes out as a first or last card, simply reshuffle and fan the cards face up again.

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