Spell Casters Manual!!!


We are published!! grab your E copy today on amazon or wait a couple of days for the print edition.  At $4.99 and $9.99 respectively this is great value.

Packed to the rafters with healing spells, rune spells, tarot spells and that is just for starters. Get on top of that Mercury retrograde, attract the perfect job or partner while carrying talismans to keep the nasties away. Jenny and I have provided a spell to cover nearly every occasion but wait, that’s not all.

You will find a guide to the best day and time along with the moon or suns influences, even the season or month can be the difference between success and outstanding success. A specific guide to materials, intentions and divine timing puts you in a position to tailor any spell to your own personal requirements.  You don’t have to be a witch to take a bit of your power back and apply it with focus and intention for remarkable results.  ENJOY



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