Tarot in Day to Day Life


Tarot is an exciting and interesting way to gain insight into situations and relationships. I would say that it can be over done though, daily reading of cards is an indication of either a lack of confidence or, indecisiveness.

Bearing this in mind when you have a situation that you simply can’t see a solution for, or determine the best way to manage a Tarot reading can quickly give you exactly what you need. To get the best out of a reading with a Clairvoyant, it is best to be direct about the area of your life you wish to know more about.  This would be for most, either finances, career, love, family or influences to be aware of in any or all of these.

A quick reading would be best if you have a specific question that you want answered, for example, you may wish to know if a relationship with a particular person will go forward or not. You may be experiencing some difficulties in your job or with your child, in this case a quick reading will give you a fresh perspective on the situation and a good reader will offer solution potentials.

If you have a more complex situation, you would be asking about the area of your life, but you would also need to know where your current attitude and actions are taking you, a celtic cross gives you information about your present situation, the origin of your issue, past influences and incoming tendencies. You will also gain information on the future and where you are most likely to find your self as an outcome.

With all this there is the possibility of making changes though understanding your situation, and altering your responses to create a new outcome. The truth here is that most don’t make changes and continue to live through to the predicted outcome, even in this situation it is wise to take on board the process that leads you, in particular, through your life.

This alone will give you the potential to make changes in your future situations that can lead you in different directions and help you gain control over your outcomes.

When we take control over our emotions, actions and thought processes we feel strong and confident. When we wait and allow others to make choices for us, or worse let the consequences of inaction dictate the way our future will go, we become anxious and steadily lose confidence.

It is easy to fall into apathy or let life dictate the terms of your personal experience, it is infinitely better to be effective, and live consciously so that you can improve your circumstances and enhance your quality of life.



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