Basic Colour Definitions


These are basic colour descriptions only, when looking at the aura the colours are apparent in different parts of the body and different intensities. the quality and the colours, overlaying, behind or beside each other,all vary the interpretation and the degree to which the influence is felt. There are no bad colours, the optimum aura is bright and clear with the ability to alter as and when necessary. An E motion is energy in motion, when it is dramatic there will be a sudden change in mood or attitude, triggers and repetitive cycles increase the potential for rapid E motions, slower movements are perceived as calmer more balanced individuals, in reality they may not be tested on a regular basis. Every one has an aura and every aura is read to some degree by every body. Seeing the aura is actually not difficult to learn, learning to interpret the aura is a complex business and really does need to be learned if you are thinking of being an effective and consistent reader. Aura reading and energy interactions are the cornerstone of any Energy based Therapy and a must for those who wish to diagnose others, it is a clever tool for understanding the psyche behind behaviours while offering a glimpse into the future.

aura in motion
aura in motion

I can see aura and love it love it love it. you do not need to be present for me to “see” your auric energy, you are emitting light frequencies at a speed of 186,000 miles per second (WOW), just like radio, TV, broadband, it is not a directional push, so literally goes everywhere through everything waiting to be received by an interested antenna.

Light energy as information is best described using star light as an example. you see the star through your telescope or naked eye. as you look you can be aware that a particular star has been extinct for a million years, and yet you can see it’s light emissions and gain information about it’s size, original position, how old it was and it’s path through the sky, all of this from the light emission only. cool huh. Dr Fritz Albert Popp has thoroughly explored biophotonic emissions and states, it is now accepted that all information passed from your toe to your brain, your heart to the tips of your fingers, could not do so instantly unless it was transmitted by light.

The Colours

RED AURA : Relates to the physical body, hart or circulation. The densest color, it creates the most friction. Friction attracts or repels, no matter the quality can create explosive situations;

Positive aspect: passionate, exciting, action oriented, in charge

negative aspect: money worries or obsessions; anger or unforgiving, anxiety or nervousness, possessive , fault finding or controlling

blood Red: well grounded, active, driven, compulsive strong will, survival-oriented.

Muddied red: Anger (repelling, repulsing) obsessive, if close to the body, self oriented or self centred, communicate wants

bright red: Powerful, energetic, competitive, sexual, passionate, communicate enthusiasm

Dull red: Lack of personal responsibility; disregard of consequence, doing without thinking, can be nasty, panic

Pink Aura

Positive aspects: compassionate, empathic, giving, optimistic

Negative aspects: jealous, materialistic, unrealistic, exaggeration

Soft pink: sensitive, sensual, affectionate, compassion; communicate sympathetically

Bright pink: materialistic, optimistic, high expectation, sees things through rose tinted glasses when across the eyes

Dark and murky pink: unrealistic expectation, resentful, very needy, communicate needs of self, can be gossipy


Positive Aspect:. vitality, creative. stamina, adventurous, social

Negative Aspect: changeable, irritable, needy, emotionally driven

burnt orange: unfulfilled dreams or ideas, irritation, impatience, disillusion due to not following through with ones ideas

Bright orange: Creative/artistic, detail oriented, enjoyment oriented, communication of creative ideas

Dull orange: disappointed, prideful, family overrides personal needs, low self esteem, communication of distress



Positive Aspect:. inspiration, intelligence , playful, optimistic,

Negative Aspect: worry, pedantic, overly analytical

Bright Yellow: fun loving, optimism, talkative, open to influence, intelligent communication

pale yellow: hopefulness; unformed new ideas,

Lemon-yellow: Balancing the intellect and the emotions, how one thinks about how one feels can indicate conflict in thoughts and emotions

Gold::, Imaginative, high energy with purpose, change on a large scale.

Mustard yellow: Worry, sweats the details, lack of trust in life and others, opinionated, feels threatened,


Positive Aspect: harmony, balance, calm

Negative Aspect: envy, dissatisfaction,

Bright emerald green: teaching, learning, nature loving

Lime Green: communicating emotions, considering, considerate.

Grey green (dark): Jealousy, wish mentality, victimized, blaming, the classic green eyed monster.

Grey green (medium): insecurity and low self-esteem; lack of understanding sensitive to perceived criticism

Turquoise: past life, wisdom bough forward

Sage green: the counselor, advisor, helpful communicator


Positive Aspect: Cool, Caring, loving, sensitive, intuitive, honest

Negative Aspect: easily hurt,limitations, depression, eating disorders

Baby blue: Peaceful, Nurturer,clear communication, truthful; can be blunt in communication

Royal blue: Clairvoyant; healer, free thinking; generous, communicates belief and honestly

Muddy blue: Fear and anxiety, inadequate expression; fear of facing or speaking the truth ,

Grey blue (very dark): depression, over or under eating, low self esteem, inadequacy, .lack of self discipline


Positive Aspects: Intuitive, sensitive, deep feeling. secure in belief

Negative Aspect: undisciplined, inconsistent, addictive, insecure

Pure indigo: empathic, feels energy, precognitive, sees the big picture

Grey indigo: insecure, tendency toward psychological disorders, distrust

Indigo/red: acts on intuition, right timing, appropriate action, understanding with solution in mind


Positive Aspect: self acceptance, non judgement, right thinking

Negative Aspect: self criticism, judging others without foundation

Bright fudgy Violet: Self accepting, helpful without judgement, helps others feel good about themselves

Grey violet: recriminations, regret, self criticism, fear, unnamed anxiety, performance anxiety,


Positive Aspect: spiritual, individual, creation, rightness, clear thinking, high standards, all seeing, self aware

Negative Aspect: self righteous, judgmental, perfectionist, closed, self oriented

Dark purple: initial condition before awareness, dreaming

Clear purple: Clairvoyant, higher self, high ideals, individual

Grey Purple: disinterested knows best, self righteous, judging without foundation. disconnected with reality


Positive Aspects: Invention or creations, Manifestation is the ultimate goal in any situation, to be able to manifest ones desires

Metallic silver: the inventor, brings ideas forward into reality from nowhere, accessible, cleansing

Muddy grey: stubborn, absent minded, wrapped up in self, uncaring, frustrated, one eyed

Clear grey: determined, single minded, blocking of emotions

Bright grey: focused, goal oriented, set path, leader,


Positive Aspect: is all the colours combined and is often found in the darkening of colours. absorbs, transformational

Negative Aspect: confusion, lack of discernment, negative without cause, misunderstanding

Velvet Black: sensitive to environment, easily changes to suit any situation, compassion, self effacing, adds depth to other colours

Charcoal black: dark moods, muddies other colours, confusion and misinterpretation of feelings, disoriented, wants to be unnoticed


Positive Aspects: is all colours combined in a reflective state. how colour looks before it is refracted by our energy system. Purity, clean, whole, reflective, Peace, serenity

Negative Aspect: ummmmm don’t know of any

Pure White reflects so when in use the querant will see him or herself in the person radiating white light, this is used to lighten up a heavy colour or aura as a whole, white and black are both required to provide variation within the energetic system.

Dorothy's Aura
a quick look at Dorothy’s aura
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