wribg roadAs a tool for rapid change, you really can’t go past hypnotherapy, whether trying to beat addictions, create a new way of thinking or to tweak your awesomeness you have the power of your inner voice on your side. That would be the nagging feeling that reveals an inner yearning to do or be something a bit different from what you know today, my catchphrase, ‘Be who you are, not who you were taught to be.’, came about after working with so many clients over the years who were spending a small fortune on conformist therapies. That is therapies that take years and tend to push the recipient into what are accepted categories outlined by a fraternity of nutters. (not said lightly) Research into the motivation of psychologists and psychiatrists revealed that 75% entered into the field to heal or understand their own trauma which leaves a very small 25% who take on the profession to help others. I trained in Clinical Hypnotherapy with the New Zealand School of Hypnosis to share something that worked so well for me that I wanted to be able to use it to help others make speedy and radical life changes in any area they choose, and especially in areas where the traditional attitude is resistance.  Dorothy Holder Dip.CHyp 

Being different is no better than being the same as everyone else, but being yourself is the pinnacle of spiritual ascension in my book as the struggle I see so often is that of trying to overcome a teaching or experience that resulted in you not being you. The problem with cognitive therapies by themselves is that they rely on your memory and understanding of events long past and your ability to relate these experiences accurately. It is rather like a soft bludgeoning of self, where expectations, hopes and dreams for the future are enveloped by the therapists view of the best outcome for you. That being said if you take the cognitive rational part and align it with your inner consciousness you are more likely to find a solution or enhancement that works for you. While individually constructed hypnosis and programs are vital for complex issues, many can benefit from my range of Affordable Hypnosis downloads (Googleplay downloads to any device including Iphones) . Click any picture for more information on any hypnosis, drop me a line if you are unsure most single track downloads average $3.70 USD

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