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The one thing you always have total control over in your life is time, finding speedy and efficient solutions to problems means you can spend your time on living instead of healing. All consultations are free contact Dorothy to set up an appointment to discuss the most effective option.

Every session is 1 1/2 hours, for stunning outcomes all you need to do is work out the best program for what you want to achieve rather than focusing on what ails you.

Choosing a program instead of a single hypnosis (check out my affordable hypnosis downloads) has value if you have tried a number of avenues without success or if you want to speed things up, move on and enjoy your life.

Trance Therapies are a surprisingly pleasant and very effective choice in creating a permanent transition from where you are or have been, to where you want to be. There is a simple beauty in taking out the experiential trials that can take years to effect a significant change in how we experience life making Trance Therapies a shortcut to great results.

Anti Depressant

This can be two fold, if you need to withdraw from medications Dorothy encourages you to speak to your Doctor first and implement a program of cessation. At the same time medication reductions start a 3 part hypnotherapy program to eliminate dependency and physical effects of withdrawal.

$300 buy now

If there are no medications (this includes sleeping tablets, anti anxiety or any other associated long term medication use), you can move directly into the main program which is 3 sessions based completely in the present and bringing a future projection of potentials. Increasing intimacy in relationships which is essential for mutual feeling and emotional healing and ability to live in the moment. This means that you will be able to enjoy simple things and not have them overshadowed by depressive thoughts and feelings.

$300 buy now

Both $500 buy now

Eliminate Negative Thinking

This 3 part program specifically deals with thoughts that spiral into negativity and helps you become a yes person rather than a no person. When you are always looking for what could go wrong, rather than anticipating what could go right you tend to find yourself making decisions that match your expectations rather than your desires. This is a wonderful little program that is truly transformative, unexpected results in the past have included smoking cessation, anger elimination, relationship bonding, job or home changes and more. We are not hypnotizing for these particular changes, but when you change the way you think, you change the way your world looks and how you respond to it, Pretty exciting.

$300 buy now

Body Talk

This program can be 4 or 10 sessions depending on the nature of the issue and is primarily aimed at those with chronic health problems or those who by holding body memories simply can’t find the desired release and consequent freedom of letting instilled experiences go. These stored experiences can lead to patterns of behaviour that affect confidence, security, relationships and self-value.

Clients have experienced some amazing results using body healing programs, from brain tumours, cancer, MS, rheumatoid arthritis, gout, sports injuries, degenerative disorders, GSD, osteoporosis, knee injuries, hip and back pain the list goes on, these are all disorders that have either been resolved or pain issues and deterioration greatly reduced. While I can’t make medical claims and must advise you see your medical professional for any health issues, I can say this is a viable option, the earlier you get on to problems the more likely it is that you can have overwhelming success.  (check out the testimonials page)

Some issues when eliminated or reduced dramatically allow you to notice problems that were eclipsed by the greater problem, there is also a reversal process for some. This means you could find that discomforts or healing brings changes that you remember as being an earlier experience of the disorder, giving you the opportunity to identify causal factors while also indicating you are likely to find yourself as you were before things went wrong.

These are all live sessions via skype, once purchased we connect and get started on a weekly program.

$300 4 sessions buy now

$1200 for the complete program Buy Now

Trauma Release

Unfortunately damaging experiences can have a life long impact, finding a fast and efficient way to move forward is right here in front of you. Depending on the age and length of time you have carried your pain, and how far you have gone down the track of defending your core self, it can be a core healing program, or fear elimination. Both styles move from releasing the past, to future potentials to create a happy present, (yes this is very achievable).

Broken down into 3 parts so you can determine where you need to start and how far you wish to go each part is 4 sessions.

Distancing yourself emotionally, mentally and physically comes about by using the four releases. Letting go of fear, anger, grief and guilt are a great start for anyone who wants to initiate a life change, for many this is all they need.

$400 buy now

Discovering new directions, personal goals or those things you have given up on is not an easy task, especially as age starts to provide a mental idea of limitation if not a physical one. Setting a blue print for your life is something most of us do as children, even though we don’t realize that is what we have done, there is an expectation of life and how it will be lived. When parents, or damaging adults have played a negative role, it is easy to live the life that they set you up for, rather than the life you want to live or believed inside yourself you could live. After releasing the past, or as a new way to experience life, this four sessions goes right inside your mind to reveal and provide a process to bring out the very best version of you and share it with the world.

$400 buy now

The last four sessions specifically addresses damaging behaviours, mindful awareness, self image going forward (truly amazing where body image affects behaviours including dietary, confidence and anger or jealousy issues) and social interactivity. Healing the past can dramatically influence how you feel on a day to day basis, it doesn’t guarantee character development or improve how you interact with others at work or at home, this part of the program works directly with how you are perceived, how you want to be perceived and seeks to bring out development that is often astonishing to others. If those who taught us about life and who we are were wrong, we are tasked with becoming our own teachers, Trance Therapies facilitates rapid development to ensure that how we create our future reflects not only who we are, but who we are going to be.

$400 buy now

Complete program $999 buy now


Start Fresh

Sometimes you find yourself dogged by poor choices of the past. You have changed but can’t quite get your heart and mind to trust yourself in love, career or life choices. This is a fantastic wee program to bring about a fresh mindset, it gives you the opportunity to use past experiences rather than fear their influence on your future. Honestly this is like taking a breath of fresh air in the morning, you will find yourself waking up with a smile and approaching choices with anticipation. Everyone makes mistakes, even positive, happy people do, the difference is in valuing the experience and using it so that over time you make more good choices and are happier with the decisions you make.

2 sessions $200 buy now


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