The Structure of Manifestation


swimAttention, Attraction, Manifestation. These three are linked and without any one of them gaining a result can be a frustrating experience. For the most part we tend to think of creation in a superficial way, that is we see the ¬†outcome without seeing the elements required to achieve that outcome. Manifesting is easy if you pay attention to the right things, apply effort to the right things and work within your natural limitations or expand in some way to stretch those boundaries of effort and skill. It is easy to say ”i am going to manifest a house’ without factoring in the long term debt, consequence of having children or losing a job, to find the dream turns into a nightmare.

So what do you pay attention to, you pay attention to the structure of what you wish to manifest, not just the outcome or the money required, but the commitment, skill sets, and sacrifice. Pay attention to yourself, what is the structure of what you want in life, it is rarely things. When seeking security buying a house you can’t afford isn’t a good idea, if you are seeking freedom, ask yourself what is at the root of freedom for you. Get this recipe right on both parts and you will sail through life. ¬†If you resist or deny any aspect of the structure things will either not manifest at all, or your manifestation won’t reflect your deeper desire leaving you feeling time has been wasted. Too many people get to their 50’s and find themselves feeling that they never knew what they really wanted because they are not enjoying the way they live their life, or have outgrown their earlier creations and not made adjustments. Never live life in a superficial way if you want a deep and satisfying experience as things can seem to be more than what they really are and less than what it takes to create them.

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