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13hFeeling blue? You probably are, I usually see this as a heavier dark blue grey hanging close to the head and sometimes down as far as the shoulders where it turns into anxiety. Why? the heaviness of the colour has a weight that feels like a burden, turning every moment for a time into an ordeal.  When an individual is sluggish, lacking oxygen, not eating well, drinking or indulging substance addictions it often looks this way, these peeps love energy therapy because it makes them feel lighter and brighter for a time, in fact, amazingly so it seems to them. Over a relatively short period of time they find themselves back int he doldrums because permanent change takes a little practice, a new attitude and new behaviours. Where the changes have already been made, energy therapy (self or preferably if you have long held issues, with a professional) the lightness and free feeling stay put allowing you to skim through what otherwise might be months of effort. Oh and lighten up isn’t just a saying, you hearing me?

What actually changes? You Body is the quick answer. All energy interactions work on the body, the aura is simply the outflow of energy essentially being an expression of your cells. Wowza! This means that as you effect a change in your mindset your body changes, if you effect a change in the body the mind can still pull the body back down into the space it previously occupied, and usually does. You don’t really need assistance of any sort to make a gain or change, anyone can do this for themselves, getting help does have benefits though, speeding up the process, objectivity where past trauma plays a role and of course feeling supported, having someone to talk to who knows how to hear what happened to you. Most friends and family either don’t want to know, or have so much empathy they can’t hear the whole truth, some out of guilt and others because they can’t bear it, which does rather make your story about them.  The main stumbling block to self healing is objectivity and batting in the wrong direction repeatedly can lead to a loss of confidence in your ability to heal. Even with a professional making those first inroads feel like heaven, only to return a feeling of normalcy over time that reveals the hidden factors and development issues bought about by the first, or maybe not even related, but like a major pain in the body lesser pains go unrecognized until the bigger pain disappears. What is termed a healing crisis is no such thing, it is an epiphany of reality, and that moment bites baby.

All of these appear in the aura in some way, attitude, character, personality traits all revealed along with body issues, weakness and strength. There is no such thing as a bad aura, or a good one for that matter, I have yet to see any aura without complexities and anomalies and i have never seen one that cant offer insights into healing any wounds, improving physical issue and at the very least taking a commonly held belief and smash it into the ground when the import of its devastating impact is realized. Too much? lol of course it is but hey I am on an OTT roll today.  Read on only if you are brave enough, feel free to leave a comment and share.

Feeling in the pink? you probably are, usually showing around or over the eyes (not so good long term), a softer pink will have you basking in its comfy glow, If there is plenty of it you will struggle to do what needs to be done but mehhh, you won’t care much for a while. Bright pink can be an issue but the lovely pale pink with a touch of rose leaves us all feeling all is right with the world and that nothing could possibly go wrong. Not a great time for making major decisions but awesome for resolving issues in relationships, feeling generous and getting into your community. Not to be mistaken for empathy, this is a colour of ‘I feel good and i want everyone to feel this way’. You will recognize it in new couples who think everyone should get married or find someone, sharing a good feeling is one of the best ways of sharing anything.

Looking for acceptance? you might want to be more accepting, for those who are judgmental will always be judged, always have been and probably always will be, a lovely lilac will do the trick and in particular placed over the lung (not the heart). you can go both sides or choose a side, but what happens here, is if you imagine the colour in your minds eye, and focus it in this lung area, you will likely remember why you are critical of others in the first place, Sometimes it is a feeling generated by jealousy, this in turn being competitive in which case you were probably bought up in a family where it was a bit dog eat dog. No biggy unless you want to put this on everyone else, that in itself being the blocker to resolving it for good. What does placing a colour inside yourself do? it is energy, it is the appropriate frequency to counter the darker and muddy green that will reside there, breaking it up in the cells of your body. Perhaps you mum never accepted or supported who you were, perhaps your dad left the family home never to be seen again, or just as bad, creating a new family and not allowing you to feel loved. In this case the murky green will push up above your left shoulder and look like a plug in the feminine aspect of experience and process, leaving you to quite literally fend for yourself without the ability to accept support or advice without feeling it somehow compromises who you are on some level.

Bright and bubbly to the point no one takes you seriously? this is not a problem,, however if you find your intelligence subverted it could be that you are high minded and this can lead to seeking perfection in others, high expectations and unreal or wishful thinking, all of which can leave others rolling their eyes. A bright yellow above the head indicates suggestibility a good time, trying drawing a lime green into the mix and you will find that you are steadier, bright bubbly and clever without the need to prove yourself or hide your shine. It will lead to some interesting ideas about what you want to do, learn or develop, there is nothing more dangerous to an individual than unexplored intelligence. it leaves them bored, listless and without purpose while also knowing they are too good for many jobs or life options. This is the high horse syndrome as intelligence needs training and expression, if you want to be more than you are then bite the bullet, do the training and get over the idea that you don’t need it. When this light goes from bright yellow to mustard it draws in and away from the head and becomes ups and downs, highs and lows, at this point we find the grumpy cheerful person lol.

Being taken advantage of? well serves you right you are after all the power in your own life if you can be bothered. A rosy glow is not all it is cracked up to be unless in small quantities and in balance with surrounding colours, it is a terrible thing to have directing a chakra that’s for sure. over the eyes and add a lot of pink and you have a person who lives in hope that their acquiescence will reap rewards, it never does unless by reward you mean more of the same forever and ever.  A touch of blue,  preferably royal blue, into the third eye will do the trick, then holding your hands over your eyes relax and allow a nice emerald green to break up the pattern. Seeing only what you want to see leads to a dry and lonely existence, SAVE YOURSELF!

Constantly sweating the details, feeling frustrated and overwhelmed? You my friend are green green green, it will be everywhere, deep and forest like it will permeate your throat, heart area, wrists and likely be above your head, over your knees and possibly feet or hands. Details,,, this can be the downfall of many a good thinker, when this green hits the grey range it becomes obsession. When the past is involved as in OCD it will range to teal with plenty of grey involved, stubborn adherence to something that doesn’t work and needing a supply from the past to hold you steady. It won’t and it is a cold comforter in the early light of dawn when sleep evades you and you feel the world is holding you away from the dreams you haven’t put any effort into. Living your life in your mind the way you want it to be will push others away as they can never live up to the expectation and nit picking every possibility crushing potential with a thought. Throw yourself a bone and indulge in some pure white light to lift the mood and engage the bigger picture

Nothing works you, it’s a waste of time? You are beating the orange/ red blush with a grey stick, and quite likely some of that grey green at the wrists. yep that grey gets in when a colour gets mucky, it is the grey of stubborn rather than determination, the stubborn part being refusal, when we hit the blind spots refusal is what holds us there. Refusal to change that is. This has to be the grumpiest combo around and will lash out when pushed too far by this miserable world and the people in it. Feeling challenged by the inability to execute all your great ideas or to live the dream because of dumb rules ,regulations and the ever dreaded money or learning required to gain the experience needed to make your golden nuggets of bliss come to life are all indicative of skipping school in favour of being free spirited only to discover there is no such thing in the way you think. Only to discover that free spirited means doing what you love and doing it well, without expecting others to make it possible for you with their own hard work and effort in life to support you in your dreamy goals. Drop a few blobs of pretty gold into this mix and you will feel quite transformed, you will see how to make your ideas work for you and more importantly you will see what is required. Optimism is a great thing but drags you down when envy or wishful thinking are driving the bus, in short, all things take time, bigger manifestations take more effort and time than smaller ones, be real.

Enough! there is so much more but I have now made myself laugh enough for one day. If you want to learn to read aura or become a Vibrational Expansion Technique student of energy therapy, drop me a line. I will be starting a new comprehensive certificated course for Aura Reading Technicians which will have 3 stages run weekly with a development gap between each stage . This will be group class only on Intuitalks look for the dates: please note this is no slouchy class expect complexities,, excitement, comprehensive training material and me.

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