Tarot Tips: Two of Cups


bonne journée à tousThe Two of cups reflects partnerships and shared ventures. It is often hard to grasp for someone reading for themselves as the attempt to instil a love component is almost irresistible. While love partnerships could be the focus if the question or surrounding cards indicate that direction, it is more fully interpreted as two individuals or entities needing to work together. It represents company merger, business partnerships and team work. When there is discord or an argument in play, it suggests the need to find common ground, to see the other persons point of view. In it’s reversed position it can show that a pairing is not working out or has hit a rocky patch.

In day to day life it can be read as a need to align your energy with someone else to achieve your goals, find support if you are seeking changes or to pair up with a professional if you are looking for growth. When the two and the Hierophant present together it shows that someone else has the answers you need, it may be time to work with another person rather than trying to work things out for yourself. In a career question if your desire is to start your own business you may need to partner with a bank for a time, or you may not have all the skills you need. It can also indicate you will get that job as this is a partnership of a sort, although that is with an entity rather than a person. Whichever way you look at it, this card is one that reflects the saying,’two heads are better than one’



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