Tarot Tips: Nine of Wands


rocket launchThe challenge in anything you choose to do is not to succeed but to overcome the obstacles to success. There are times in life where the obstacles seem to overwhelm the vision or goal that was driving you forward, at this time some believe they have made a terrible mistake and others give up. This is the point where your strength of character becomes apparent, walking away can show strengths if you are made aware that the cost is just too high to keep going. for example if your family, health or lifestyle is under genuine threat. Strength of character can also be staying the course, where the obstacles are a part of the process of creating a great product, business strategy or relationship and lifestyle.

Sometimes things seem to go horribly wrong., if you can identify the choice or mistake, you are in a position to rectify the situation or save the moment. However if you continue to keep making that same mistake it is no longer a mistake, it is a behaviour, it is change blindness and it is inflexibility. In any challenge you gain an opportunity to test your ability to grow as a person. Changing course or backing up for a time is not giving up if it is the smart thing to do. Accommodating your dream can mean bit of lateral thinking, it can mean doing things you don’t really want to do, like taking a job to support future self employment, mortgaging the house or selling assets. The trick is knowing how far to push the boundaries and before you even go in deep, know how much you are prepared to sacrifice willingly because you may be required to do exactly that.

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