Scrying: The Focus Tool 1


Scrying is the art of using a crystal ball, black mirror, flame or other devices to gain information by recognizing patterns. These videos offer you E-Crystal Balls so you can practice without buying a crystal ball, but if you feel this is for you, then run as fast as you can to Corrine will take care of you.  The true art in this is the ability to let your mind formulate patterns based on the question asked or the person asking the question, it is finding that balance between conscious seeking and subconscious allowing.

Scrying works best without a clear question or intent for the reason that having one sets your mind to finding a pattern in line with the question, rather than simply finding the patterns and applying them. If a number or letter presents itself great, if you see birds, planes, people equally great, try not to dismiss anything you see or how you see it even if it makes no sense to you right now, practice offers a glimpse at potential skills while developing them. Write down what you see in a journal, date it and refer to it in the future to see what makes sense and what still doesn’t.  True skill in any psychic practice will always be born out in the interpretation of the information presented.

Think of the area you are interested in or think of the person who is seeking information, then set the video playing, when you are ready click pause. this is what you read.



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  1. how fun all manor shows like a hologram


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