Creating Inner Peace


The ever elusive inner peace is a figment of the imagination. It is true, that is exactly what it is, and that being the case, you only need use your imagination to create it.

So many talk about finding inner peace, immediately there is a problem as finding it implies getting it from somewhere outside of yourself. The key to ensuring that stability which prevents you feeling like a wobbly spinning top, who’s stability is dependent on outside forces or the skills of others.

Inner peace is not a sensation, but rather the lack of it. It isn’t a lack of feeling, but the right application of feeling, nor is it emotion, or thought. Inner peace is as available to you as your imagination and it is your imagination that will bring it forward and make it a part of your daily life. It isn’t derealization or detachment to the point of being a psychopath, we need to be involved in our lives to feel at peace. It can’t be found by avoiding problems as they will nag at you, disturb your sleep and build upon themselves until resolved, your body will hold a state of anxiety waiting quite literally for the axe to fall.

Inner peace is essentially, that state where your body is not reacting to events around you, conversely anger is almost exclusively a body reaction. There are moments in your life where inner peace (for a time) will be unattainable, that moment when you get seriously bad news, it may be a life threatening diagnosis, it might be the loss or imminent loss of someone you love, there is a period of feeling like life is spinning out of control. It isn’t your life, it is your feelings overwhelming your body, as grief too is largely a physiological experience.

This leaves you with an interesting power, one you may not have exercised often if you had early life trauma, addictions or have relied on medication to numb your wayward responses to life. Inner peace is knowing that you can find that space of calm amidst the storm of sensation, and knowing you can find it again and again and again.  The only secret is the desire to want to find it, the only skill is to practice doing so when it is the last thing you want to do. Let’s face it, many are not addicted so much to their drugs ciggies or alcohol as they are to their drama and need for attention. I can show you what to do and any time, day, night, now or in a years time, you can do it.

First a process of elimination: Are you not dealing with an area of life you should be taking care of? Are you living beyond your means, are you not dealing with a relationship or do you habitually procrastinate? You need to start here, because if this is the case, inner peace isn’t your issue, avoidance is causing anxiety. Mostly it is easy to avoid a person we don’t like, but we can’t avoid the consequences of our actions, words and conversely non action and the unspoken frequencies. We are multi faceted and well able to sense undercurrents and energetic exchange, the less you deal with in your life, the more you will ‘read’ in relation to it. None of these scenarios creates a lack of inner peace per se, they create a conflicted mental/emotional environment through what you are and are not doing/saying. We all know that when we take our issues in hand, we feel a whole lot better no matter how hard it was getting to that moment, we call it relief for a reason.

How to get inner peace, any time, anywhere. close your eyes for a second and imagine/remember a beautiful sunrise, that fantastic pet, a lovely moment. just do this for a few seconds, bringing it forward into your mind. then open your eyes and look around you, look for anything and everything you love about what you see. the colour of a room, the view through a window, the patterns in the carpet, look at things you haven’t really looked at in a long time.  I once had a client who came back to me after doing this and said, “well yea, it did work but only for a while.” My response was instant, do it again, then you will feel at peace for another while, then do it again.  It doesn’t matter where you are there is something to appreciate if you look for it, if it isn’t in your environment then imagine it, if you are at work, imagine being at home for a few minutes, imagine being at the beach or remember the last time you were there. It takes moments, to bring a calm and pleasant centre to your being because it really wants serenity.

Practice telling your body, it doesn’t need to react to non threatening life stresses, remind it that those reactions are only to save your life. We live in a world where stress is subjective, your body is preloaded to see anxiety as life threatening, starvation, or lack of protection from the elements. As an evolved being you need to teach it to react differently. If you notice your body tensing because you have to rush to finish something, or you are unsure of your partners reaction to a choice you made or something you said, just say in your mind, “body, we don’t need to react to a thought/emotion/stress save it for when I am in danger”. It takes less than 5 seconds to say that to yourself, you will find over time you are saying it less and less.  It isn’t life stress that kills us, it is our body reacting to it which causes a body response without purpose.

Practice: Say I love you to the people that matter, every day. Say I am sorry to anyone you need to nothing brings inner peace like being loving and feeling loved. Don’t put off things you know have a deadline, if you can’t pay your bills it doesn’t have to ruin your inner peace, but putting off doing what you need to do, will. Procrastination is an obstacle to inner peace, mainly because you will berate yourself for doing so. Give inner peace a go you might just like it.




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  1. Great post ! I felt more peaceful just reading it :)


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