Tarot Tips: The Hermit

There are times we need to follow our inner knowing rather than seeking information or validation beyond ourselves.

The Hermit, when he appears in the cards it is a time to rely on instinct rather than intuition, inner knowledge rather than counsel and lessons learned turned to knowledge. Walking the corridor between one experience and another can feel like a lonely time when it is more accurately alone time, it offers you the opportunity to Q&A your own growth as well as to mature with understanding of your own role in your life both past and present. It is not a card of the past or the future it is a card of the present where you must be like the wolf, following no one and being prepared to change tack in an instant where necessary disregarding your own belief structures and behaviour patterns. There is security in living a pattern of the past in that if offers no surprises for the future, you really do know the outcomes of the structures you have put in place for the simple reason you are guaranteed to have lived them more than once. If they have not worked for you, then it is time to employ the hermit and teach yourself a new way forward based on what you know is right for you in regards to the life you wish to live.

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