Tarot Tips: Ten of Wands

tying ones own hands can create a feeling of being trapped and uninspired

What is the essence of the problem, for many it becomes responsibility, they see this as a deal breaker after a while feeling it prevents them from being who they want to be. This is a feeling that is presented by the 10 of wands, after getting what they want the person feels weighted down by the duties and responsibilities their choices have given them.The man who wants the partner but doesn’t want a family leading to his partner applying pressure because that is an expected part of her relationship dreams. The woman who has children but feels she has no value in the world so feels her world is closing in on her because she cannot do the things she wanted to do, often becoming resentful of the freedoms she has lost. The couple that buy a house and then cannot afford the holidays they used to take due to a mortgage not to mention the repayments on the cars they bought. The person who doesn’t want to work but resents the requirements of the benefits they receive along with the lack of money that inroads their ability to live freely even though they have an abundance of time on their hands. All of these are representative of this 10, after having got what you wanted and then feeling burdened by it.

When this card appears in a spread it is time to think about what you were trying to achieve and if you did get exactly what you wanted, ask yourself what you missed, or acknowledge the responsibility that comes with achieving a goal. If you want children don’t just think about cuteness, think also about relationship strain, emotional drain and sleepless nights, thankless teens all of which at some point are a reality rather than a failure of your dream to deliver. If you think about loving someone think about what you are offering, what did you tell another person you were prepared to give? Factor change into every dream you have as change will hunt you down and give you a headache if you try to hold a pattern overly long it will come in the form of The Tower breaking down structures that are wearing down or were unsound to begin with.

The way to freedom is not having no responsibility but in accepting responsibility as part of any manifestation. Living in the now is simplicity itself as it accepts all of life as it is, as you have created it and as it will go forward with full and complete engagement.

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