Tarot Tips: Five of Wands


tgif-t-g-i-f-gif-bird-runWhen trying to create something, regardless of what it is, there will come a time when you face material reality, that is the world at large. In this world few care about your dreams and goals and these might just be the people you need to deal with.

There are rules, financial requirements and other people all quite happy to stand in your way alongside nature and the universal law of being. That is the law that says your needs, desires and indeed life, have no more value than the next guy. It also proves time and time again, that life is what YOU make it. We all start out life’s journey with a dream, you may not even be aware what yours is, but you have one. It can be subtle as in living a simple life, it can be visionary as in seeing the lifestyle you will live, and it can be complex as in wanting to make a difference in the world. The numbers of people who don’t understand their own vision for life is quite staggering, but for success and happiness on the level you require it, understanding is imperative.

This five suggests you have stepped off the path that takes you to your vision while reminding you of that vision. It asks a fundamental question, what were you expecting? What are your hopes? Are your life choices taking you there? Sometimes this card is a gentle reminder that achieving your dream requires both protecting it and continuing the work to get you there. It is no accident that a complex dream requires flexible input, just as going large in your desires will require massive effort.

If you are not happy, look closely at which part of the dream is not being met, and then ask yourself what you can do, who you need to be and, not or, what sacrifice you are prepared to make. Those working toward their dreams have hard times, ¬†go bankrupt and often lose relationships, but they never question their direction for long. This doesn’t mean they don’t check in to make sure the path they are on reflects the life they wish to live, and on that note let me explain ‘being who you need to be’. I have used this term before and received criticism by those who say you are who you need to be. I am happy to challenge that by saying, you are not being who you need to be, if you are unhappy.

Your dream reflects something in you that is seeking expression, and therefore it reflects something in you that is you. Sometimes living the dream requires you to be more than the person you were taught to be and most times it requires you to meet your potential and learn to be the person you love being.

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