Tarot Tips: 5 of Wands


  Sometimes the best laid plans just don’t work out, even if you think you are prepared for anything that might come, due to external events everything gets thrown into turmoil. The dream that you had is being challenged by the might of material and physical law, other people and dare i say it, possibly poor planning or structure.

It is then and only then that you are asked to dig deep, to find that special something inside or to learn something new. It is in that moment, that you build confidence in yourself and your ability to manage life and all its foibles, or where you begin to build a lack of trust in yourself that will dictate the terms of lifestyle, relationships and career objectives in the future. This card is a call to maintain your vision regardless of events, the path you have chosen or insecurities.

Inner struggle becomes outer struggle, confrontation or ongoing arguments, just as easily outer struggles can become inner conflict where you no longer trust yourself to make good choices and decisions. it is here that you can lose faith in your vision for your future, yet it is here that you are called to maintain your vision face the dragon of reality and be flexible enough to change course if the path you have chosen is not actually the correct or appropriate course to living that vision. You are being asked to remember what it was you were aiming for, what was your intention, your hopes or your dreams? if things have gone wrong, you can focus on that or you can focus on everything that was right and reset your course, build things up and strengthen foundations. It is always optimal to do this BEFORE things fall apart, look directly at challenges rather than fear them, work closely with others rather than creating distance, and finally learn what you need to learn if you can’t see a solution, so that you may embrace those special inner qualities you have and turn the situation around.

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