Perpetual Perception


You are constantly ‘guessing’ where you are in your environment, in fact your brain is a mass of predictive software rather than simply responding to physical cues. In effect everyone, every minute of every day is using their own understanding of future influences to determine exactly what is going on. We are so used to interacting freely with our environment that we make assessments faster than we are aware of making them which leaves us in the formidable position of living consciously at some point in the future, with experience following intuition, accidents happen when we get it wrong.

In the past it was believed that the huge array of nervous impulses dictated what we did but for decades this has posed a problem for scientists. the reality is this method of transferring information is simply too slow to be effective. Dr Fritz Albert Popp determined that we would need to be receiving signals at the speed of light, even within our own body, to have the responses we have. Pain specialists admit they have no idea what pain is, in world full of medical marvels no one knows why pain can be felt without physical reason, or why the experience of pain is so varied and subjective. If it were purely a physical phenomenon it would be easy to follow the path of pain, but this is not so. Add to the dilemma that a person can experience cognitive responses to visual stimulation, while the absence of information (sensory deprivation) is known to drive some people quite mad, even if only for a short time. These mysteries have lead to an understanding that our brain function is flexible and evolutionary, within a very short period of time (minutes) your brain can alter how it interacts using and sending signals that have very little to do with reality, even when the subject knows, what is real and what is not, the response becomes involuntary and contrary to what they know.

In 1993 Ambadi and Rosenthal conducted an experiment showing video of  teachers doing their thing, they did this without sound and clips were as short as 2 seconds stretching up to 10 seconds. it was found that the students overall accuracy was astounding, with their assessments not improving with more time. They were able to determine characteristics and even how the teacher was likely to mark students In some cases, all we need to make these judgments is a glimpse of a face. In a separate study, people saw the faces of US election candidates for 1 second and were then asked to rate their competence – these ratings not only predicted the winning candidates, but also their margin of victory.

In the rubber hand experiment, without any attempt at deception the brain is convinced that a limb not belonging to itself, is indeed it’s own. Remarkably the brain simply by seeing an action and assessing the situation, decides it should be receiving sensation and proceeds to ‘supply’ sensation to the person even to the point of a response when the rubber hand is put at risk. As an hypnotherapist none of this is news to me, we work miracles by fooling the brain and allowing the ability of this wondrous organ to spontaneously evolve, by remembering something in a different way or believing something other than what the past presented. As a Clairvoyant Energy Therapist, I have spent many hours experiencing physical sensations including pain, that are not my own, Pain hypnosis is in fact one of the most successful pain management models around.

Perpetual Perception finds it’s expression in neural plasticity, where your brain creates new pathways and eliminates unused pathways when they are not used, it is a fairly well understood phenomenon, what is new is the understanding of just how quickly this happens it can take less than 5 minutes to create a new pathway and while it hasn’t been proved that making a decision after having been distracted isn’t better than major considerations, it has not been proved that major consideration is better for your future either. I believe that when we understand Perpetual Perception and address false perception by capitalizing on the brains ability to change structurally with hypnosis, energy therapy or meditation techniques the rapid changes bought about are second to none.



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