Dorothy Holder

Crystal Magic

Crystals have long held a fascination for many people; it is a mistaken belief that a crystal without some level of intention from the user can change your energy. I […]

Talisman Spells

Empowering your Talisman is a key part to making sure it does the job you created it to do. A talisman is a very personal thing, what works for you […]

Magical Metals

Every substance has a unique vibration that creates an energy field. Metal is no exception. When you consider it’s a natural substance dug out of the very earth, it’s not […]

Perpetual Perception

You are constantly ‘guessing’ where you are in your environment, in fact your brain is a mass of predictive software rather than simply responding to physical cues. In effect everyone, […]

Rest & Relaxation

There are times when sleep becomes an issue, if it is ongoing a lack of sleep can have serious consequences in the workplace, with relationships and your health. Just as […]

Motivation Hypnosis

Lacking the mojo to do the things you love or discover the things you could love? This Hypnosis offers you a glimpse at your own potential while incorporating confidence wrapped up […]

  Sometimes the best laid plans just don’t work out, even if you think you are prepared for anything that might come, due to external events everything gets thrown into […]

Promo Posters

 These posters come into their own on any site as a way to offer an instantly identifiable brand. Like an Electronic business card but with far ranging potential. The design […]